FLAM in action

Feedback from parents...

  • FLAM is a very good value for money solution for learning French in addition to learning from home.

  • Children also develop skills at their level, supplementing what they learn at school.

  • For the little ones it's really a plus since kindergarten is not compulsory in the US. My daughters really enjoy the question wheel at the beginning of the lesson, the visual interactive games, crafts and story work.

  • We used FLAM for our 14 and 16 year old teenagers, and the format of the lessons coincided perfectly with our expectations. Classes are given twice a week, 1 hour each on Zoom. The content covers both grammar / conjugation / vocabulary reminders, but also text discussions, plays (very interactive, each student plays a character), and even very fun baking workshops.

  • FLAM is an excellent alternative to maintaining French for children who do not go to French school, and for parents who cannot commit to the CNED (our personal case).

  • The teen teacher, Ingrid, is extremely creative and energetic in keeping the attention of this easily distracted audience, especially on Zoom.

  • The founder of FLAM, Rachèle, is a real enthusiast, and she does not count her hours and her investment to develop this program.

  • FLAM is a great concept for all Francophone or Francophile families who want to continue to transmit and bring our language and culture to life.

Thank you to the Canvas Rebel magazine for this article from June 2022.