Our teachers are natives and follow continuous pedagogical training. All teachers hired at FLAM San Diego are certified, talented and creative in providing quality, fun lessons for our students. The students love them!


Group classes teacher

Born in Paris, Laura obtained her Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages ​​before moving to London for a year as an au pair. During this year, transmitting French culture and language has been an incredible experience. It was at this moment that the desire to explore the world and discover other cultures by sharing the Francophone culture was revealed.

Laura therefore then lived in Berlin, Germany, where she began a Master's degree in French as a Foreign Language.

After obtaining her diploma, in 2018, Laura taught children aged 3 to 12 at the French Institute and at the Domino School with French-speaking children who could not attend bilingual schools.

Thus, Laura taught French to children beginning the French language but also to bilingual children following the National Education program.

Shortly after and with the pandemic, Laura continued her face-to-face online classes, notably joining two FLAM schools located in the United States. She, therefore, familiarized herself with the expectations of FLAM schools and their curricula by developing skills specific to online courses.

Its goal is to offer students a chance to learn French in a positive, creative, and fun atmosphere while being online.

Giving them the necessary motivation and confidence is essential to enable them to be the citizens of the world of tomorrow!


Teacher of the Year 2021-2022

Private and group classes teacher

DELF trainer

Evaluation of teaching skills

Ingrid was born and raised in Paris, where she studied French literature and linguistics at the Sorbonne.

Having left for the United States more than 20 years ago to follow her husband, she began her career as a translator and editor, then turned to teach as a private teacher for adults and a tutor for children of all ages.

Passionate about French grammar, she has particularly appreciated over the years helping high school students in AP French classes to prepare for their exams and to refresh them in French before entering university. She is the mother of two fully bilingual grown boys who are both California college graduates. They are grateful to him today for having insisted throughout their childhood that French be the only language spoken at home and that they read novels in French.

Ingrid is always happy to share her passion for the French language and literature with other children because, like us, she is convinced that starting her career and her adult life by speaking several languages ​​is a decisive advantage.


Group classes teacher

Her name is Gwen and was born in the Paris region where she lived until 2016, the year of her expatriation to Los Angeles to follow her husband.

She obtained a master's degree in biology and general geology at the University of Orsay-Paris XI and then passed the school teacher competition at the IUFM in Antony in the Hauts de Seine. She taught for more than 15 years in the Paris region, devoting herself more specifically to the year of the Grande Section, a pivotal year for learning to read and write.

As a kindergarten teacher, she focused her pedagogy on learning through play, which is essential for children of this age. Since she arrived in the United States, she has devoted herself to the education of her 2 daughters Lola and Lily-Rose who are now perfectly bilingual.

Apart from teaching, she loves baking and manual activities, her greatest satisfaction is using her creativity to please her family and friends. She is thrilled to join the FLAM-San Diego team!

OUR TEACHERS / TUTORS for private lessons & language therapy:

Our teachers and tutors personalize the private lessons thanks to a diagnostic assessment and "tailor-made" help to support the students in their particular needs.


Private classes teacher

Annabelle was born in the Mauricie region of Quebec. She first studied at Collège Laflèche, in Trois-Rivières, to become a specialized educator. She then went to work in various primary schools in Saint-Hyacinthe, where her main task was to help children aged 5 to 12 with learning difficulties.

Having always had a strong interest in cultural diversity, languages ​​, and teaching, she chose to return to school in August 2020 to obtain a bachelor's degree in teaching French, a second language, at Laval University. One of his dearest wishes is to teach outside Quebec to promote the French language and Quebec culture.

Since 2020, Annabelle has had the pleasure of teaching various subjects online to individuals between the ages of 6 and 16. She is a dedicated teacher who cares about the success of her students.

In her spare time, she loves traveling without an itinerary, making cultural and culinary discoveries, exploring mountains, and spending time in nature.

Annabelle is very happy to join the FLAM-San Diego team!


Private classes teacher

Sebastien Gavignet, 42 years old. A native Frenchman, he has lived in Mallorca since 2017. He first discovered the love of the French language through writing and books. He devoted himself very early to these two passions. In 2004, he became librarian and head of teen activities at the Reims media library. In this context, he discovers the poetry slam and organizes within the network of libraries of Reims the Spring of poets and the Week of the French language. He even receives the French Minister of Culture (in 2016) in one of his workshops. He will be invited several times to France Culture and Radio France to talk about his artistic and literary activities. With his slam collective, Slam Tribu Reims (founded in 2005), he organizes activities around French every year and leads workshops for learners and training for teachers around "fun and cultural French". He travels the world as a slammer and trainer, to give or restore a taste for French. His adventures lead him to others in China, Armenia, the United States, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Germany, United Arab Emirates.

He changed careers in 2017, to devote himself to teaching and became a librarian teacher in the network of the French Secular Mission for a two-year contract. In 2019, he passed the master's degree in teaching, education, and training (MEEF) documentation specialty. He is particularly interested in media education and sets up a school web radio and various expression programs. Since 2019, he has devoted himself to French as a foreign language and French as a second language and teaches for the city of Palma de Mallorca (young adults and adults discovering French). He also gives private lessons to students aged 8 to 88 face-to-face and online (specialty public and oral speaking) and teaches one Wednesday a week in an alternative school in Mallorca. Recently he passed the Master 1 MEEF specialty French as a foreign language. The sound axis dissertation: the influence of urban cultures on language learning, particularly French.

He continues to be involved in the defense of the French language, in particular with Slam Tribu Reims, as well as with his partnership with the association Made in France Spain, and the United States which aims to promote French culture and language through literature and art. He will leave, from this school year, on the roads of the United States, Turkey, and Tunisia.

He is also co-author of the anthology Beat Attitude, Women poets of the Beat Generation published by Bruno Doucey (2020), and of the book, Le jeu est un(e) autre, Tournament poétique des slameur(euse)s aux troubadours, published in 2022.

Sébastien likes reading (a great reader, he reads at least one book a week and always several at a time), music (he has been collecting vinyl since he was 17 and has more than 2000), traveling, and the sport.

Sébastien dislikes people who talk without saying anything.


Language therapist

Graduated from the school of Montpellier, she practiced for 10 years in a medical office. For 2 years, and has been working on her own and exclusively online with a French-speaking audience abroad. She supports children and adolescents with various problems (articulation, oral and written language, dysphasia). To carry out these follow-ups as well as possible, she regularly trains herself in proven rehabilitation methods:

- learning to read and spell (Aloe, les Alphas)

- the emergence of speech and language (communication system with PECS pictograms)

- phonological awareness (Borel gestures)

At the same time, she is specialized in deafness. She was able to acquire a solid experience thanks to the trust placed in her by the St Pierre Institute in Palavas (monitoring of people with cochlear implants) as well as three associations for deaf people (Cesda, Arieda, Ouïe-Dire). Whether these people speak or sign, she has the necessary training to communicate with them (LPC, LSF).

Finally, she has developed many interactive tools to make online sessions as fun as possible.

She would be delighted to meet you and be able to help you in the best possible way.